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Chicken Mole with Mexican Rice

One fine day Dominga showed up at my door with her chicken mole. My life was forever changed. Not only was this the best mole I have ever tasted (I don't usually like mole), but it was the beginning of a friendship that formed over food and a love of cooking. 


I am fortunate to have Dominga join me in the kitchen to share her recipe for mole with us all! The sauce is an event in itself, it has depth, it is rich, and it has the perfect amount of heat. Mole can be paired with chicken, pork, fish, tofu, mushrooms, rice, potatoes or whatever you want. All you really need is a spoon. It is the BOMB and a dish you don't want to miss!


During this class, we will also prepare Mexican rice to accompany the mole and if you would like to make extra, the mole freezes well for future meals.


Along with the recording, I'll be emailing you a hand-drawn (by me!) recipe card so you'll have everything you need to create your own dish!

Chicken Mole and Mexican Rice Cooking Class

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