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Join me as we prepare Goldie Falafel with Herbs and Israeli Salad!


Herby (vegan) falafels: something bright to waken up our tastebuds and nourish our senses and so satisfying. We'll be using a date syrup and harissa tahini to really bring the flavor to this dish. Eat alone over the Israeli Salad or wrap it up in a pita. Your mouth will be so HaPpY!


Harissa is a middle eastern chili condiment, most commonly sold as a paste but is also available as a powder. Either would work in the recipe we’re using to make the Harissa Tahini sauce. 


We'll also be using date syrup. Date syrup is made by adding water to dates, puréing and simmered to a thicker syrup. A single ingredient that is a delicious alternative to your favorite sweetener. It is also available for purchase in stores like Whole Foods and online. 


How does the online class work? After you purchase the class, you’ll be emailed a Zoom recording from my live class and a hand-drawn (by me!) recipe card! I can't wait to hear how you like these recipes!


Questions? Feel free to email

Goldie Falafel with Herbs and Israeli Salad

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