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Chicken Liver Meatballs

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Liver. Do you say "bleh" or do you say "give me some more"?

If you're like most people, I'm guessing "bleh." Which is the case of everyone in my family, except for me. And because I know the health benefits of it, I do serve it, but they just don't know it - AND they really like it! (Sometimes I do get a little tricky.)

So how do I use liver in a recipe that everyone loves?


I've tried cutting up the chicken liver into small pieces, but the tiny chunks are detectable (if you know they're there), so using a food processor is your best bet.

Use organic chicken livers or grass fed beef liver.

RECIPE 1 pound grass fed beef 1/2 cup chicken livers, spun in food processor (I know this looks gross, but power through!)  3/4 cups oats (this keeps it gluten free and moist) 1 egg 1 onion, roughly chopped and then chopped finely with food processor 5 garlic cloves, minced with food processor 8 oz. fresh shiitake mushrooms, minced in food processor 2 cups of greens, minced in food processor salt & pepper to taste


Mix together until well combined. I always test one in a frying pan just to be sure the seasoning is good. Roll your meatballs into golf ball sized balls and drop into your sauce. I cook these in a crockpot. In this case I used jarred Rao's marinara sauce (Good, natural ingredients). Set it to a low setting, 8-10 hours and you've got dinner ready and waiting when you get home! Or perfect for a weekend day!

The other thing I did to this meal was add in spaghetti squash. I really like brown rice pasta and this time I added the roasted spaghetti squash to it - no complaints or comments from the family!

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